What to Expect With A Breast Reduction Surgery

Many women considering a breast reduction procedure have done so for a while. They have done their due diligence by researching their options in techniques and the right board-certified plastic surgeon to perform their San Diego breast reduction surgery. Some have even delibe rated years before finally scheduling an appointment for a plastic surgery consultation. 



While there are various reasons as to why a woman may consider having a breast reduction, it should be noted that it is a personal decision. For many, living with a naturally large chest size has impacted their daily life which has included pain and discomfort. Garment shopping has also been a challenge for patients as well.

The end result of a breast reduction is to reduce the size of a woman’s chest size. Other aspects of the surgery include achieving symmetry, improving bodily proportions, and reducing any neck, shoulder, and back pain.

Before a woman moves forward with any cosmetic procedure, whether it be breast augmentation or reduction, Botox San Diego, tummy tuck or liposuction, it’s absolutely important that she locate a board-certified surgeon that specializes in such treatments. In addition to being adept in all procedures, patients will notice how these surgeons will also be skilled and specializes in San Diego breast augmentation and a San Diego breast lift.

During the plastic surgeon research phase, patients are encouraged to research patient reviews. Additionally, a visit to a surgeon’s website is also beneficial as it will normally provide a “before-and-after” patient gallery. Potential patients can peruse the gallery and ascertain if a doctor’s skill is to their liking. Another item to research is a doctor’s accolades.

A breast reduction surgery is normally performed under general anesthesia. The surgery can take place in an operating suite or in a hospital. If the surgery is being done in an operating suite, the patient should ensure that the suite has been accredited by a regarded organization such as the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities. It’s also important that the surgeon has hospital privileges at a nearby hospital.

During a consultation, do find out about the anesthesiologist making sure that they are also board-certified in their medical field.

Most breast reduction surgeries have the benefit of being outpatient, allowing the patients to begin recovering in their own home. However, there are some instances where the patient may be asked to stay overnight in the hospital, such as when an extensive reduction has been performed or if there is an additional medical concern.

When recovery time has begun, the patient must rely on her family or a nurse for the immediate day to two days following the surgery. The patient will need assistance in terms of driving and also in instances where childcare is needed. 

As the patient’s body begins to recover and swelling and bruising dissipate, the patient will slowly be able to take on more activity but only with the clearance of her plastic surgeon. Such kind of protective measures are not only to be followed during a breast surgery but also during any cosmetic treatments starting from laser therapy, facial rejuvenation San Diego, neck lifts, etc.