What will Facial Rejuvenation Look Like at My Age?

Individuals of various ages have taken to both non-operative and operative facial rejuvenation. Premature sun damage may affect people as young as 30 with fine lines around their eyes. With every decade, more changes occur, showing more facial maturity. It might be because of premature skin aging, genetic, or it might be simply the process of becoming older.



Regardless of what reason for the lines and wrinkles, individuals interested in abolishing those concerns can talk with a board certified plastic surgeon regarding the options available with San Diego facial rejuvenation. A highly qualified surgeon will be familiar with the various procedures available for such treatments. In addition, they have great amounts of education on the newest procedures so that they can give the most informative consultation.


Depending on the age of the patient, the patient’s skin, and the patient’s overall health history, there will be some variances in the way facial rejuvenation will look. In addition, the places that people will need treatment will be different. However, there are some common features that people in certain age groups will notice need attention from a cosmetic surgeon sooner.


Individuals in their 30s will notice:


This is the decade in which having a strong anti-aging skin care regimen begins. Using high quality skin care products will help keep skin tight and fine, and adding sunscreen will also allow the skin to stay youthful for longer.


However, there are some areas that will show signs of age, including around the eyes and mouth. If the individual is perpetually working on a computer or has the tendency to frown, they might even get worry lines around the forehead and between the eyebrows.


Plastic surgeons tend to suggest that individuals who would like to care for these areas should inquire about Botox, which is a liquid injection that would smooth those lines, or a temporary filler like Juvederm.


Individuals in their 40s will notice:


Once in their 40s, individuals might notice that their skin is starting to change. The elasticity in the skin has lessened, so there are more wrinkles in the same areas that the 30 year olds have seen, but with more depth.


In addition, the skin around the cheeks and lips start to lose their volume, so the skin will start to become slack.


Plastic surgeons tend to see more patients in this age group for cosmetic injections in these areas. A highly qualified plastic surgeon will be able to make these individuals’ wrinkles and fine lines with cosmetic injections, and might address the volume loss with fillers, as well. In fact, some fillers, like Voluma, are also used to plump up the cheek area and can last up to two years. Other patients might opt for a chemical peel series, which will allow for young, fresh skin to be exposed.


Individuals in 50s and up will notice:


These individuals will notice that a simple filler and liquid injections might not be sufficient to treat their lines and wrinkles. The loose skin around the face and neck might be in need of more intensive care. An operative procedure might be needed, and a discussion with the plastic surgeon about neck lifts, eyelifts and limited facelifts might be needed.